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Every time I walk into a Goodwill store, I make a beeline for the handbags because they are one of my favorite things to add to an outfit. If you were to take a peek at my handbag rack in my closet (yes, I have a designated rack for all my bags and yes, it is quickly approaching overflow), you’d see a lot of black, tan, or white bags with very little embellishment. I’m often wearing a lot of bold colors or prints so I don’t purchase a lot of bags that have their own embellishments. On a few recent trips to Goodwill however, my eye has been caught by some bags that aren’t my normal vibe.

Painted Print

Admittedly the base of this bag is black, but I love the summery print painted on the front and back. This tote-style bag has a couple of slots for a phone or small wallet, and a zipper pouch so it’s fairly basic as far as functionality, but I thought it would be the perfect summer pool bag that is also nice enough to be worn out in other places. I like that it’s a sturdy faux leather instead of my normal canvas pool bag, and at $7.99 (Goodwill Derby) I couldn’t pass it up!

Vintage Vibes

I was standing in line to check out at the Goodwill on the 21st and Amidon having jetted over for a lunch break thrifting adventure when I spotted this unique, vintage-looking handbag on the end of the rack. I don’t quite know how to describe the color, blonde keeps coming to mind, but I love the craftsmanship on this bag, all the embossed/carved details, that it’s genuine leather, and that it’s a little worn in. This was one of those pieces I grabbed knowing that I’d want to give it a little TLC as there is some light staining. I’m planning on taking it to someone who knows how to work with genuine leather to see about having it cleaned and/or possibly stained a slightly darker color. I just can’t get over the intricacies of each of the outside panels, I think the details are so beautiful, and it also reminds me of the 70s which is so fun! $7.99 for a little burst of joy and beauty? Can’t beat that!

90s Nostalgia

This alien backpack is the very obvious wildcard pick, but when I saw it at Goodwill Derby I actually screamed a little (with delight) and if that’s not a sign that I needed it, I don’t know what is! Honestly, this bag just took me back to my adolescent self (the fun part lol) and gave me BIG time feels thinking about all the fun and silly ways I wanted to dress but was too scared to do for fear of being uncool. Well, I’m reclaiming my childhood which means that yes, I will be wearing this loud, perfectly ridiculous alien backpack at 36 years old, and living my best life for little 10-year-old Tam! I snagged this wonderful little slice of comfort and nostalgia for $3.99 by the way, what a small price to pay for so much fun!

Happy Hunting!

Tamara Anderson

Tamara is a guest contributor with a love of great, thrifted fashion finds. Formerly a contributor to and, she has a passion for beautiful things, and loves to hunt for affordable lifestyle and décor items as well. If you’re into random content (fashion, food, art, cats, the list goes on), you can follow her on Instagram: @tamarajoyks.