Where We’re Going

Goodwill Industries of Kansas works to provide quality programs and services that provide job training and opportunities to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities and other employment barriers. As each year passes, Goodwill’s leadership team and board of directors examine how the agency can expand its mission, strengthen business practices, grow brand awareness and cultivate its workforce.

Expand Mission

Goodwill will be the leader of putting people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, as well as other employment barriers, into employment in Kansas communities, with a goal that all individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities who are capable of entering competitive employment will have the opportunity and be encouraged to do so.

Through the NexStep Alliance, a partnership between Goodwill and WSU Tech, Goodwill will be the leader of providing adult education and ESL classes in Sedgwick County and the surrounding area, with the goal to have 75% or more of students who obtain their high school diploma through NexStep move on to post-secondary education, whether it be college, certifications or credential classes, within one year of obtaining their diploma.

Strengthen Business

To expand Goodwill’s mission, programs and services, Goodwill will work to expand its financial base by growing retail store sales, expanding industrial service contracts and raising money from community partners. By expanding retail stores, Goodwill will be less reliant on government funding and better able to control its future. Working with area businesses to expand its industrial services contracts division will allow Goodwill the ability to provide more work opportunities for employees with disabilities who are not able to work in a competitive environment.

Grow the Brand

Goodwill will grow and improve its brand and image throughout Kansas to help make it the agency of choice for those needing employment programs and services. Brand awareness will also help build programs and services, increase donations for retail stores, recruit and engage quality board members and employees, and acquire contract work and financial contributions.

Cultivate Our Workforce

Goodwill will work to cultivate growth opportunities for clients and employees who are seeking independent and productive lives, and will take a more holistic approach with all employees by cultivating their ability to make better life decisions, preparing them for career advancement and training future leaders for our agency.