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One of my favorite parts about piecing together a cute outfit, is thinking about how I’m going to accessorize it. While jewelry is typically my go-to method of adding a little pizazz to a look, I also love a good, cute handbag. From my everyday crossbody bags, to a sassy, special occasion clutch, I’ve been snagging my handbags from Goodwill for years.

For my day-to-day looks, I typically favor a crossbody bag of some sort. I’m usually carrying extra stuff (water bottle, mask, keys, phone, etc.), so having a cross body bag is helpful for keeping things hands free. Most recently I found a cute crossbody bag to add to my collection at the Maize Road Goodwill location.

When I walked into the store, I noticed a bunch of crossbody bags on display that were all the same size and shape in different colors. I love neutral toned bags, so when I saw this cute tan cross body bag among the others, I knew it was coming home with me. I was even more excited to find that this bag was brand new with tags on and still only about $4.50 with my preferred customer discount! I also liked that this bag was a little smaller in size (I tend to cram too much junk in larger bags). Cute and classic, this bag goes with basically everything in my wardrobe!

I typically only have special occasion or night out situations very rarely, but when I do, I don’t like to carry my normal day time bags. Instead I like to take a handbag that’s small enough to carry easily, but large enough to hold the essentials (keys, credit card/ID, lotion, sanitizer, whatever lipstick I’m wearing, and a compact). I’ve found two cute clutches recently at Goodwill on North Amidon that perfectly fit the bill! One is a snappy white clutch that I centered my Goodwill Outfit of the Week around (check out the video for more details) and the other is a simple black fold-over clutch that I picked up for $5.99. Both fit perfectly in hand and are great for keeping things simple during an evening out!

Handbags are a great way to tie together a look, so I’m always on the lookout for a cute new bag to add to my collection (although I’m starting to overflow my bag rack at home, hah!). At least I know that at Goodwill, I have plenty of options for any occasion! Happy hunting!

Tamara Anderson

Tamara is a guest contributor with a love of great, thrifted fashion finds. Formerly a contributor to and, she has a passion for beautiful things, and loves to hunt for affordable lifestyle and decor items as well. If you’re into random content (fashion, food, art, cats, the list goes on), you can follow her on Instagram: @tamarajoyks.