Thrifted Looks to Start the New Year

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Happy New Year, friends! I hope you had a beautiful holiday season with at least a little time to rest somewhere in there! The New Year is probably one of my favorite times of the year because it means so many new beginnings. I have to admit, I love New Year’s resolutions! Even though they may not stick for the whole year, it’s always a chance to try something new, make a change and think about who you want to be.

And speaking of new beginnings – your wardrobe is a fun place to make some changes too! Which is why I’m so thankful there’s a Goodwill! This month, I found some cute looks for my little sister that are warm and stylish, and a super-cute little ensemble for my youngest, Henry, that I just had to show you! Happy New Year, Happy Shopping!


For Megan’s first look, we started with a great pair of jeans originally from Abercrombie and Fitch (which can retail for $40) but we found them for just $3.99. Next, we found a comfy sweater cardigan that was such a perfect fit we couldn’t pass it up – and also a great look for January in Kansas. We finished the look with a cozy v-neck long sleeve tee that added a little pattern to the look and finished it out with some super cute suede booties and a shiny pendant necklace. Style tip: if you’re wearing a longer cardigan, pair it with an extra-long necklace or pendant – the similar lengths compliment each other and make you look a little taller too!


We switched Megan’s next look up with a super-soft grey sweater, and a chic, black vest pullover. Sometimes the pullovers can be intimidating to style because they can feel a little sporty – but this is a great example of how you can pair them with a casual look. I like pairing solids together with vests, but a light pattern underneath a solid vest pullover looks great too. And you can just never go wrong with black and grey! We paired the look with the same cute jeans, added in a chic, short-chain necklace, and finished the look with a pair of black suede booties.

For Henry’s look, I found the cutest cardigan at our Andover Goodwill! It is originally from Gymboree and has such bright, happy colors. We paired the look with some skinny jeans – also from Gymboree, and a great pair of boots that were a perfect fit for him. I have to be honest, I made him wear this like 12 times over the holidays because it looked so cute on him. And since most kids clothing at Goodwill is just $1.49, we saved some cash for Christmas on this one!

by Michelle Loss

Michelle is a Goodwill guest contributor, writing monthly fashion articles and modeling her thrifted finds. In addition, she is a local TV personality and former Miss Kansas. She also has her own YouTube channel, Chic on the Cheap. As a third generation thrifter, Michelle grew up shopping at Goodwill. She loves finding deals on clothes and accessories for her family of six or upcycling home decor items