Upcycle a Sweater to a Cozy Skirt

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Happy December my fellow Goodwill-ians! If ever there was a time to shop thrifty, the holidays are it. If you’re like me, you probably have a long list of gifts to put together, and sometimes, Goodwill and a little creativity can help you cross off quite a few names. This week I wanted to show you a fun re-make of a sweater into a sweater skirt and leg warmers. You could give this as a gift…or just keep it all for yourself!

To start my project, I made a visit to the Andover Kansas Goodwill and shopped the sweater aisle. Can I just say – you can find incredible bargains on second hand sweaters. Yes, you do have to look for the ones that have been taken care of well, but when you find them, they are steals! The sweater I found was in almost new condition from CHAPS – and it retailed originally for probably around $35. I bought mine for $4. Boom.

To make your cute, one-of-a-kind sweater skirt, start by laying the sweater out flat and cutting off the sleeves. I actually cut just outside the arm seams to try to create as much of a square as I could out of the large piece that I wanted to work with. Next, I cut off the top of the sweater with the neck hole in it.

To finish the skirt, all I needed to do was turn it inside out and just give the top edge that I cut a finished hem, and sew up the holes from where the sleeves were cut off. At this point, you can size the newly created waist section to fit you.

To make the leg warmers, I used the sleeves, trimmed them off level on the cut edge, then finished the edge off on the top with a quick rolled hem.

And it’s as easy as that! Put on your new upcycled look, pick out a Christmas tree, drink some hot cocoa, and buy yourself an extra gift with all the money you saved shopping at Goodwill!

Watch the video tutorial and check out more of Michelle’s great tips on her video blog, Chic on the Cheap.