Quick No-Sew Dress Makeover

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Hello my Goodwill friends! Hope you are all having a beautiful summer! This week, I had to show you a fun little makeover that I worked on from a dress that I found at the Andover, Kan., Goodwill. This is a quick makeover with little to no sewing involved, so I’m hoping it will feed your creativity as you go looking for fun finds too! The dress that I found was kelly green with little white polka dots and in great condition. It was made of a thick t-shirt material – which was the key for this project. If you ever want to try to re-work a dress, t-shirt material is a great place to start. You can cut it up and the ends will never fray – so if you don’t like to sew, there’s really no need to finish off the edges.

For this quick makeover, I just wanted to re-work the dress into a cute summer look. The original design featured short sleeves and a hem line that hit right at the ankles. I started by taking the sleeves off completely, leaving the bodice with kind of a tank top fit. Next, I shortened the dress to hit right around the knees. I wanted to re-use the excess that I cut off for some sort of accessory, and decided to turn it into a vintage-style tied headband. Now from here, I could be done or I could give the whole thing a more finished look and add in a rolled hem and finish off the arm holes as well. Or – I could keep it casual and just leave the cut edges. Either way – it’s a cute easy makeover that only cost me $5.99!

So if you’re wanting to experiment a little with re-creating clothes, start at Goodwill! Find an old t-shirt or a dress made out of the right stuff and get creative! Thanks for reading – catch you next time.

Quick Dress Makeover Tutorial

by Michelle Loss

Michelle is a Goodwill guest contributor, writing monthly fashion articles and modeling her thrifted finds. In addition, she is a local TV personality and former Miss Kansas. She also has her own YouTube channel, Chic on the Cheap. As a third generation thrifter, Michelle grew up shopping at Goodwill. She loves finding deals on clothes and accessories for her family of six or upcycling home decor items.