Purpose, Pride, and Dignity

For Andrew B. finding and maintaining a job hasn’t always been easy. Before coming to Goodwill, he lacked focus and struggled to stay on task. He needed the kind of training and support that would build his confidence back up so he could prove to employers what an asset he could be to any organization if given the chance.

With the help of Goodwill’s employment training specialists, Andrew was able to develop his strengths, mitigate his weaknesses and apply for work with confidence. He found a great job that fit – and then the pandemic struck.

As jobs were eliminated, Andrew was let go. “He lost his confidence, livelihood and overall structure in life,” said Eric DeFore, Goodwill Community Employment Manager. Like many of us, it took a while for things to start going in a positive direction for him and for his spunk and personality to come back.

Andrew may have had some setbacks, but he bounced back and is now a valued staff member of the local YMCA, where he motivates coworkers with his dedication to his job and ability to memorize and personally greet every guest, every day. He’s found purpose, pride, and dignity through the power of work with the help of Goodwill.