Seizing an Opportunity

It was another ordinary day when Amber stumbled upon a job listing on Facebook. The post was shared by a familiar face – Jana, a childhood friend and the store manager of our South Broadway retail store. Jana was on the lookout for dependable people to join her team. Unexpectedly, this chance encounter on social media would set Amber on a transformative journey.

Amber, a single mother of three, had always strived to provide the best for her children. With every decision she made, they were on her mind. When she began her role at Goodwill, she thought it was just about the job, but as she settled in, she found a deeper understanding of what Goodwill truly represented. It was not just a thrift store; it was an opportunity.

This realization led her to NexStep Alliance. Eager to better herself and to set an example for her children, Amber enrolled in the program to pursue her high school diploma. She began classes at the NexStep South Campus in January of 2023. That is where she met Monica U., an instructor with an innate ability to spot potential and nurture it. To Monica, Amber was not just another student; she was a force of nature.

Monica recalls, “Amber was hard to forget because you knew she had ‘it’ and that behind her quiet demeanor was a wealth of courage. She had the resolve; she just needed the confidence to match it.” Under Monica’s instruction, Amber never faltered or complained when faced with educational challenges—math in particular.

With empowerment from Monica, Amber achieved what she set out to do. By October of 2023, she proudly held her high school diploma. But Monica saw even more in Amber’s future. “She has the world at her feet,” Monica insisted, encouraging Amber to continue her academic journey and aim for a college degree.

Back at the South Broadway store, Jana watched with pride. She saw the potential in Amber, not just as an employee, but as a future leader. Recognizing her managerial qualities, Jana began envisioning Amber in a leadership role, believing she had what it took to be a great manager.

Goodwill is more than a thrift store. It’s a catalyst of change and a place where stories like Amber’s can unfold. With the support of Goodwill at her back, there’s no doubt that Amber’s future is bright.

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