Celebrating A Retail Career

Goodwill will celebrate the career of a long-tenured employee at our Junction City retail location when store manager, Pauline Byrd locks the doors for the final time. Her retirement will mark the end of a 16-year journey with Goodwill Industries of Kansas.

Pauline began her career with Goodwill in 2006 when she was hired as Assistant Manager at Store #32 in Junction City. She was promoted to Store Manager less than a year after. Under her leadership, Junction City routinely exceeded year-over-year sales goals.

During her tenure, she was known by staff as someone who saw the potential in every employee. She mentored and advised so many employees over the years, that she took on a kind-of motherly personality with the staff — which meant she knew how and when to use her “mom-voice” when needed!

Nina Riddick, Assistant Store Manager, worked with Pauline for nearly 12 years and had this to say about her, “From the moment I joined Goodwill as a processor, Pauline taught me and advised me on how to lead from the heart. It’s that kind of leadership that makes you appreciate and enjoy coming to work every day. I am grateful for all that she’s taught me over the years and will miss seeing her sweet smile here”.

Pauline Byrd has left a legacy on the people and community she worked with during her 16-year career with Goodwill. She always did what was best for the store and her team and that’s a career worth celebrating.