An Eagerness to Learn

When Donny began at our day service program located within our Newton retail store, he brought two essential qualities: a welcoming personality and an eagerness to learn. Within his first summer, he sought out more opportunities to engage with the public and took on the role of donation door attendant.

“Donny takes immense pride in his achievements. He’s both knowledgeable and approachable. He can handle every aspect of the donation door task, balancing his duties with a touch of fun,” said Dawn Young, Day Service Coordinator in Newton.

A mystery shopper visited the retail store only a month into his role. After dropping off donations and shopping, the shopper submitted a perfect rating. Donny’s exceptional service at the donation door left a lasting impression!

Brandi Rumbo, the Newton Store Manager, emphasized the importance of mutual support. “Our day services program thrives due to team collaboration. We support our clients, and in turn, they support us. It’s a learning journey we undertake together.”

For Donny, the interaction with diverse individuals and customers is the highlight of his day and as a natural people person, he has clearly found a place to thrive in our Day Program in Newton, Kansas.