A Personal Connection

Joe has a naturally magnetic personality that is immediately apparent in his interactions. From his friendly smile to his casual demeanor, Joe exemplifies what it means to be a people person. Currently, he works as our Talent Acquisition Recruiter in the administrative office, his talents align perfectly with the values and goals of Goodwill.

But Joe’s journey to the Human Resources department was not a straight line. He started within retail as an Assistant Manager, displaying motivation and a profound connection to our mission, to land in his current role.

In early 2022, Joe and his family made the decision to relocate to Wichita. Faced with the urgent need for stable income and benefits to care for his daughter, who was born with Intractable Epilepsy, Joe knew he had to establish a new foothold.

Among all his applications, it was Goodwill that responded first.

Joe quickly proved to be an asset, showcasing reliability and dedication as a manager. Noticing an opportunity to harness his business management degree, he transitioned into our HR department. As our Talent Acquisition Recruiter, Joe combines his natural people skills with his personal connection to our mission, helping draw potential employees towards the rewarding career opportunities at Goodwill.

Being a parent of a child with disabilities, Joe connects with Goodwill’s mission to provide opportunities for individuals like his daughter, who seek independent and fulfilling lives. It’s a powerful driving force that propels Joe to reach his highest potential.

Joe’s journey at Goodwill has been one of remarkable growth and achievement. Begin your own journey towards a career when you apply today.