2021 Goodwill Employee of the Year: Ted Ensign

According to Ted’s coworkers at Martin Interconnect, you would never be able to guess he had barriers to gaining employment prior to his time with Goodwill.

In 2020 Ted was referred to a Goodwill Employment Training Specialist through Vocational Rehabilitation. He struggled with things like social skills, self-direction, and communication. But Ted had goals.

He wanted to move out on his own and lead an independent life. Working through Goodwill’s Community Employment program, Ted was able to find his perfect job and from there he has thrived. Not only does he achieve his assigned tasks, but he also feels comfortable helping out when needed in other positions.

He goes out of his way to make his coworkers smile and they have taken notice. When Ted’s at work, they know it’s going to be a good day. Some might even call him the perfect employee.

He doesn’t stop when he clocks out at Martin Interconnect – he also enjoys making food deliveries and walking dogs. With the help of Goodwill, Ted has proven that anyone can reach their goals with hard work and perseverance. And a smile in the process never hurts.