Baskets for Functional Decor

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I never really considered myself a basket person until I moved into my apartment almost 4 years ago and then suddenly it’s baskets everywhere haha! Now every time I visit Goodwill, I make it a point to check out the basket selection to see what they have to offer. I think my favorite thing about baskets is how multi-purpose they are as far as storage and décor. I love an item that manages to be both cute and functional; here are some of the ways I’m using baskets in my apartment:

Trash Can:

I live in a fairly large studio apartment, but it’s a studio nonetheless, so I don’t want to have huge trash cans all over the place. I have one large regular trash can in my kitchen and then I have a few smaller basket trash cans in other areas. I like the look of basket trash cans, especially in my bathroom or next to my desk. Something about it just feels homier to me! I found this little receptacle at the Goodwill at K96 and Oliver for $3.99!

Toilet Roll Holder:

There’s nothing worse than going to the bathroom and realizing the last of the roll has been used and you don’t have a backup (I have no one to blame but myself because I live alone lol). This is precisely why I like to keep my rolls on the back of my toilet so I’m never out. Rather than just stacking a bunch of rolls on the tank, I found this super cute basket that holds a few rolls at a time. I like that it keeps everything contained and is easy to move when I’m cleaning! For $2.99 at Goodwill on N. Amidon, I’m never left in a toilet paper emergency!

Meditation Table:

Yes, you read that right, meditation table. I don’t know if that’s a real thing, but I’ve made it a thing now so I’m going to roll with it. I’ve been trying to make it more of a habit to spend intentional time in silence/meditation because I tend to always be doing something, going somewhere, or thinking about doing something and going somewhere. I found that creating a dedicated space for this practice made it much easier for me to stick with it, so I picked a corner of my living room, and spread out a cute rug and some throw pillows as a start. I’ve also discovered that certain sensory experiences add to my sense of calm (particularly scent and touch) but didn’t want to leave things lying around the floor of my little corner. The solution? I found a small storage cube basket to use as a  little table and added a ceramic tray and dish to hold a scented candle (my favorites are from Lola Candle Company here in Wichita) and different crystals to hold while I’m focusing on breathing (I like the textured feeling). Inside the basket, I also store my incense burner and sticks so they are easily accessible if I want to mix up my aromas. This basket was only $3.99 at Goodwill Derby and is the perfect size for my meditation space!

There are so many other ways to use baskets and I always look forward to seeing what new baskets I might be able to find at Goodwill! Happy Hunting!

Tamara Anderson

Tamara is a guest contributor with a love of great, thrifted fashion finds. Formerly a contributor to and, she has a passion for beautiful things, and loves to hunt for affordable lifestyle and décor items as well. If you’re into random content (fashion, food, art, cats, the list goes on), you can follow her on Instagram: @tamarajoyks.