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When I first moved into my apartment a few years ago, I had something like 4 glasses, 4 cups, and nothing to serve things like coffee or tea in. A few generous friends threw me an apartment warming party and added some coffee mugs to my collection. Since then I’ve gathered quite the collection between gifts and Goodwill finds. Something about a cute mug always grabs my attention while thrifting! Don’t think that mugs aren’t for you if you’re not a coffee or tea lover, there’s more than one way to get your mug on!

For the traditionalist:

Every time I would stop into Starbucks, I’d always check out the mug display and lust after the different cup designs. Unfortunately, the price tag on those mugs was a little steep for me to justify in my budget. Thankfully I lucked out on a trip to the K-96 and Oliver Goodwill and found two, heart-themed Starbucks mugs on the shelves for $1.99 a piece! Although I still love to hit up my favorite local coffee spots (shoutout to Leslie Coffee, Reverie and Milkfloat), I also enjoy drinking my home brewed coffee and hot tea out of these cute cups!

For the hygienist:

I hope we can all agree that brushing our teeth daily is an important aspect of overall health and hygiene. I’ve looked around for something to hold my toothbrush AND toothpaste in and honestly found most of the commercial options either too boring, too small, too bulky or not in line with my bathroom aesthetics. When I saw this cute handle-less mug on the Goodwill shelf (Maize Rd location), I thought it might be the perfect size and design style. At 99 cents I figured it was worth taking home and trying out and it is the perfect fit! So, if you’re not a person who drinks coffee, don’t overlook the mug section at Goodwill, you just might find the next home décor piece you didn’t know you needed!

For the makeup maven:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a fondness for makeup and beauty related things. This came in handy for a time as I was not only freelancing as a makeup artist, but also as a beauty writer for the website (which is sadly no more). Between building my brush collection for my freelance kit and getting PR packages with makeup brushes, (I sure miss those days!) I have quite the collection. I like having my brushes all in view so if I’m feeling especially inspired, everything is handy. When I saw this ADORABLE makeup/beauty themed mug at Goodwill (K-96 and Oliver) for $1.99 I snatched it up immediately. It’s the perfect holder for all my clean brushes (I have a separate holder for brushes that get dirty as I use them) and it looks so cute with my vanity set up! Mugs can make great display containers for things like makeup brushes (or art brushes if you are a painter), pens/pencils, and other things you want to keep handy but in a way that looks put together!

I’m sure there are even more ways to utilize mugs in my space that I just haven’t discovered yet, I hope you feel inspired the next time you’re checking out the mug section at your local Goodwill. Happy Hunting!

Tamara Anderson

Tamara is a guest contributor with a love of great, thrifted fashion finds. Formerly a contributor to and, she has a passion for beautiful things, and loves to hunt for affordable lifestyle and decor items as well. If you’re into random content (fashion, food, art, cats, the list goes on), you can follow her on Instagram: @tamarajoyks.