Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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Hey, y’all! So glad to be back with a new blog for you! With spring comes a feeling of a new, fresh start and while our version of “new” can be quite different than the ordinary person, thrifters are gearing up for the season! April marks the celebration of Earth Month and our goal is to put the emphasis back into “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” These 3 steps can help save our planet!

Last year, Goodwill Industries of Kansas recycled 8,528,233 pounds of unsold donations! While Goodwill is doing their part recycling, we can do our part of REUSING! Sustainability is my number one reason for thrifting and I absolutely love taking things that people no longer want or need and giving them a new life!

As I set out to update my spring wardrobe, a distressed denim jacket was high on my wish list! Denim jackets are perfect for those random chilly days we have in Kansas and those nights outside with friends! I love to tote a denim jacket with me pretty much everywhere during this season as it is so versatile, adds interest to any outfit and is lightweight enough to carry around!

In keeping with my goal of sustainability, I headed to Goodwill to find a new-to-me jacket. I was able to find a cute, basic denim jacket in my size for 3.99 and knew I could repurpose it to make it exactly the way I wanted! While I was at Goodwill I also found a Bedazzler for 1.99 and knew I could really put a fun twist on my jacket!

I grabbed a razor and got to work! Any basic razor will do for this project. This was my first time distressing denim, so I learned as I went. I learned quickly that my garment fibers seemed to go vertically, so I used the razor horizontally to go against the grain of the fabric. You can use this technique to “fade” your denim which will give it a “worn-in” look, or keep going to give it a distressed vibe! I did this in several random spots to make it look more natural, including the edges of the collar and viola! Distressed denim jacket!

I added some studs to the collar to give it some extra flair and, truth be told, my inner diva was all for this process! It added an extra touch of fun and made it more unique! The best part of this project is it doesn’t need to be perfect, in fact you don’t want perfection! Natural is the goal and I promise you will get it right!

I hope you have as much fun as I did with this little project and love making some of your items feel different, new and fresh! Value the hunt!

Daniele Phillips

Daniele is a small business owner and has been an avid thrifter for over ten years. Daniele spends most weekends treasure hunting with her husband! She runs a social media platform for a local animal rescue and in her spare time she loves to read, take road trips and watch bad reality television. You can follow her thrifting adventures on Instagram at @thrift_inspired!