Goodwill Industries of Kansas, Inc.


Our History

Goodwill Industries of Kansas was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1957. The mission was to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment. In 1965, Goodwill opened the first Goodwill retail store in Kansas, using the proceeds from the sale of donated items to help fund programs and services.

Throughout its history, Goodwill Industries of Kansas has strived to improve the lives of individuals within our community while continuing to respond to community needs. This effort led to the expansion of Goodwill’s programs in 2003 with the Education and Training program and is demonstrated through the continued growth of our contracts division, which partners with local companies to provide a variety of jobs for our clients and employees.

Today Goodwill Industries of Kansas serves more than 1500 individuals annually and employs more than 550 people through its headquarters, education center and 18 retail store locations throughout central and western Kansas. Through a combination of efforts; retails stores, work contracts, community donations and special events, Goodwill is able to provide employment training and opportunities to individuals with disabilities and personal barriers in our community.

Since 1957, the Goodwill philosophy of a “hand up, not a hand out” continues to improve lives and strengthen our community.

About our founder, Edgar J. Helms.

Our Strategic Plan

To provide opportunities for people with disabilities and barriers to employment seeking independent and productive lives.

Integrity:  we are professional, ethical and accountable.
Service: We provide quality training, education and employment opportunities.
Stewardship: We are socially and financially responsible.
Respect: We value and treat all with understanding, compassion and dignity.
Innovation: We operate with a strategic focus to capitalize on opportunities.
Excellence: We continuously improve to better satisfy the needs of our customers.

Goodwill will be the unparalleled resource for those with vocational barriers seeking to achieve their full potential.

In order to address the needs of Kansan's, the Goodwill Industries staff and board support the following initiatives:

Goodwill Industries will continue to maintain and grow our existing programs and services for people with disabilities and barriers to employment. Working with community partners, we will have an emphasis on strengthening our education programs to help more adults study for and pass their GED exam and encouraging them to continue their post-secondary studies to improve their economic futures and to better support themselves and their families.

Goodwill Industries will continue to expand its financial base by growing our retail store sales and expanding our Industrial Services contracts. By expanding our retail sales, we will be less reliant on government funding and better able to control our future. Expanding our contracts with area businesses will allow Goodwill to provide more work opportunities for our employees with disabilities and those in our community that have significant employment barriers.

Goodwill Industries will grow and improve our brand and image throughout the Kansas territory. Goodwill needs community support, a strong board of directors and leadership team in order to thrive. A positive brand image will help Goodwill become the agency of choice for those needing our services as well as donations for the retail stores, quality board members and employees, contract work and financial contributors.

Goodwill Industries hires many people who need an extra hand-up. With that in mind, Goodwill will strive to cultivate growth opportunities for employees with disabilities and employment barriers who are seeking independent and productive lives. Goodwill will take a more holistic approach with all employees by cultivating their ability to make better life decisions, preparing them for career advancement and training future leaders for our agency.

Our Code of Ethics

Goodwill has established Codes of Ethics to guide the actions of staff/board members, treatment of those receiving services, business/financial practices. Each new staff and board member will be required to review and sign the pertinent code, indicating acceptance of it.  Any staff member who violates one of the agency’s Code of Ethics may face corrective action.  Board action may be taken with any board member who violates the Board’s Code of Ethics. Our values (as listed above) serve as the root for our Codes of Ethics.