Goodwill Supports Afghan Refugees

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Adjusting to life in a new country without being able to read or speak the native language may seem like an overwhelming challenge but NexStep Alliance is helping to make that transition easier for many refugees year after year.

Recently, a group of nearly 30 Afghan refugees have begun learning English through our NexStep ESL program, in order to better support themselves and their families. With the help of a translator, NexStep instructor Shelley Merritt teaches the students three times a week to help them develop the skills necessary to speak, read and understand English.

While this class has been formed based on the need of this group, there are multiple open enrollment periods for NexStep’s ESL classes per school year. Students are required to pre-enroll and complete a pre-test before each academic session. In these classes, all levels of English or non-English speakers develop skills in reading, understanding, writing and speaking English as well as learning basics about the U.S. government. The next open enrollment for classes will take place on February 28 and March 2. Learn more on the NexStep website.

Adjusting to a new country and culture takes time, patience and the ability to communicate effectively. With NexStep’s help, refugee students have access to the resources and knowledge that will put them on a path to success in their new community.