Falling into Fashion

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Hey, ya’ll! Just like that we’re getting into fall weather again! It’s also that awkward time of year where we dress for fall in the morning and regret our decisions come afternoon! Dressing for fall can be tricky with the constant weather changes, so I took a vintage maxi dress I wear in the summer and showed you three ways to style it for fall!

Start with your base piece, such as a dress, skirt, or graphic tee and start adding your layers! Here are three easy ways to bring a “summer” outfit into fall:

1. Pull on a sweater. Sweaters are great to keep you cozy warm in the morning and are easy to pull off when it becomes too hot in the afternoon!

2. Add a shacket. Shackets are trending right now and are so easy to take off and on! If you get too hot, you can also tie it around your waist to keep your outfit interesting!

3. Throw on a cardi. Cardigans are a fall wardrobe staple and can get any outfit fall ready!

Extra tips: Adding accessories such as hats, jewelry and bags in neutral colors can add so much interest to your fall look!

I had so much fun styling a few outfits for you and every item shown was thrifted from Goodwill! Which outfit is your favorite?