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When it comes to travelling, good luggage is one of the key factors to having a positive experience. I don’t really like to haul a huge suitcase if I can avoid it, so I tend to favor carry-on bags that suit baggage limits but can hold a lot of stuff (if packed creatively). Good luggage can get pricy though, so I was elated to find an affordable and nice carry-on suitcase at Goodwill on one of my recent shopping trips.

I used to just carry a duffel bag with me on trips, but after several occasions of running across airports to get to my gate in time while hauling a heavy duffel, I realized that something on wheels might be more helpful. Recently at Goodwill on Maize Rd. I found this hard-cased, wheeled suitcase for just $6.99!

There are many features to this suitcase that I think are helpful while travelling, including the hard case. While I usually try not to have to check a bag, on the occasions that I have (or if they’ve asked to check baggage for free at the gate), I’ve noticed that the bags aren’t exactly handled gently, especially as they come careening down the conveyor belt at baggage claim. Having the hard case gives me a little more peace of mind that some of my more fragile things will remain intact through travel. The wheels are also a huge plus, particularly as they can orient in different directions making it easier to maneuver through a crowded airport.  Some other features that I enjoy about this suitcase is that there is a zippered inside lining that can hold quite a lot and there is also another side within the suitcase that can hold additional items in place with a strap. This suitcase also includes compartments for toiletries that I find super helpful. On a recent overnight road trip to Kansas City, these compartments helped me to keep all my bathroom things separate from my clothing items without having to carry an extra bag.

Baggage is not something that I have traditionally looked for at Goodwill, but now that I’ve found this little gem, I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more! Happy Hunting!

Tamara Anderson

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