Are You Ready for the Economic Rebound?

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This May, we celebrate Older Americans Month and recognize the contributions older Americans make in our lives. Whether you are young or old, do you know what you need to do to prepare to reenter the workforce?

Are you tired of hearing the same bad news — that you didn’t get the job? By now, many of us may have given up on finding a new job or training for the future. While many industries have crashed and burned, the truth is, the outlook is bright in many areas.

So, now what? How do you prepare for the hiring frenzy that some are predicting? As important, how do you know which types of roles to prepare for?

A few thoughts:

Know Which Jobs Are Opening Up – Many fields are exploding, with new positions available now, including frontline ecommerce workers, healthcare supporting staff, custodial and maintenance staff, digital marketing professionals, medical staff and retail workers.

Know Your Worth – Whatever your age, consider the strengths, interests and experiences that can help you stand out. Through the successes, failures, joys and difficulties they navigate, older Americans’ stories and contributions make us all better. At a time when employers need to build resilience, older workers can play a critical role.

Get the Skills and Training You Need – Employers are seeking qualified candidates who have communication and problem-solving skills as well as the proper knowledge to work with modern technology. Goodwill offers a digital skills training program that can help you gain the tools you need to be successful in the ever-changing workforce.

Strengthen Your Network – Review your network of contacts and let them know what type of work you are seeking. Make sure you have your cover letter and résumé ready for when one of the contacts in your network tells you about an open position. Don’t hesitate: many employers are looking for the right attitude and soft skills, like teamwork and problem solving. They don’t always need a credential to make a hire.

Search in Multiple Places – Investigate local opportunities through radio, television, newspaper and online job sites. Use Indeed and other online job boards to narrow down your search or target certain regions in your city or town. Contact your local Goodwill for information on upcoming virtual career fairs in your area.

Do the Little Things – Is the mailbox for your voicemail full? Do you know what is most important to you as you think about your next role? Why should an employer choose you vs. others who have applied? Getting ready for the interview and other communication activities that are sure to come will help you feel confident.

All workers deserve the opportunity to thrive. Goodwill is here to help. Reach out to learn more about our digital skills training and other opportunities available.