Sweater Weather

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When it comes to my preferred weather, I’m firmly in the camp of slightly crisp fall temperatures (mid to lower 60s). Unfortunately, I don’t control the weather which means that I’m stuck with the bitter cold we are currently experiencing. Thankfully, Goodwill has me covered (literally) when the temperatures drop, with a nice selection of cute sweaters that are perfect for wearing alone or layered.

My first sweater find was this cream-colored cowl neck sweater that I found at the Derby Goodwill for $3.99. What I love most about it is that in addition to being super warm and cozy, it also features a cute winter design. I’ve worn it predominantly with jeans or jeggings, and it’s warm enough for me to wear it on its own if the weather is only a little cold. The fabric itself is thick and warm but with a lot of flexibility (I don’t like sweaters that are too structured or stiff).

I’m a big fan of anything leopard print, and so when I saw this cute sweater at the Maize Road Goodwill for $3.99, I knew it was coming home with me. This one is a little lighter than the first one, so it would definitely pair best with a coat or a jacket for extra warmth. Since it is lighter weight, I will be able to wear it for early Spring and Fall as well; I love a multi-seasonal piece! It also has some slight ruffling at the bottom and ruching at the end of the sleeves for some added flair!

There is no shortage of cozy and cute sweaters at Goodwill this season, I hope you find yours! Happy Hunting!

Tamara Anderson

Tamara is a guest contributor with a love of great, thrifted fashion finds. Formerly a contributor to xoVain.com and xoJane.com, she has a passion for beautiful things, and loves to hunt for affordable lifestyle and decor items as well. If you’re into random content (fashion, food, art, cats, the list goes on), you can follow her on Instagram: @tamarajoyks.