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Hey, yall! Hope everybody is having a great start to their fall season! This is my absolute favorite time of year; the weather, the clothes, the activities, the scents, the food, the colors, the holidays and, of course, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! This is the first year I’ve had time and space to really decorate for the season, so I went out on a mission to find all things fall and all things spooky!

I headed to my first Goodwill and didn’t find many items that were “my style” so I then headed over to the Broadway location where I hit the absolute jackpot! (This is why consistency is key!) In one store I was able to snag Halloween items for my porch, a Halloween candy station and goodies to autumn up a space in my sunroom!

My porch was my first project, and with just a few items I was able to make it look perfect for spooky season! My total cost for the porch was a little over $16 with my preferred customer discount!

I started working on the candy station next and with a little help from the dollar store, I was able to make a fun, usable space for under $10! I love the eerie vibe it gives off while still being inviting.

The fall decor in my sunroom is fantastic, because I can leave it up from now until after Thanksgiving. The colors bring my bright sunroom a more toned down feel for the season. All items were snagged at the Broadway Goodwill for around $8!

Head over to your Goodwill Industries of Kansas stores to find treasures for your home for all seasons and holidays! Value the Hunt!

Daniele Phillips

Daniele is a small business owner and has been an avid thrifter for over ten years. Daniele spends most weekends treasure hunting with her husband! She runs a social media platform for a local animal rescue and in her spare time she loves to read, take road trips and watch bad reality television. You can follow her thrifting adventures on Instagram at @thrift_inspired!