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Hey, ya’ll! I am so happy that Goodwill Kansas stores are back open and am excited to see the treasures everybody is finding! While most people spent their days Marie Kondo-ing their homes, we thrifters counted down the minutes until we could find all the treasures that had been donated from everybody’s cleaning sprees!

Home goods and decor are some of my favorite things to thrift. You can find great quality and unique pieces while saving money! And when you decide in a few months you want to change your decor, you don’t have to feel too bad about it!

My basket wall is the number one area of my home that people ask about! An idea for a basket wall emerged in my head so I started hitting up all the nearby Goodwill stores. As I purchased the baskets, I started nailing them to my wall and kept going until I was happy with the shape! The different shapes, textures and sizes give it a more interesting look and cozy feel. It only took a few weeks of searching to find all the baskets and I purchased each one for .99-2.99! It was a fun, unique project done on a budget! A basket wall like this would have easily cost several hundred dollars if purchased elsewhere!

My sunroom is always a topic of discussion as well! I will admit, when I moved into our home this was my least favorite room in the house. I thrifted things I loved and VOILA! It has become one of my absolute favorite rooms! My sunroom is 99% secondhand (the pillow cases are new, but they are covering pillows I thrifted for 1.99 each at Goodwill!).

One of my newest (and one of my most favorite!) finds was this wicker shelf in pristine condition! I snagged it at the Maize Goodwill for only 14.99! It resides in my sunroom and I am able to display even more plants and fun decor items that were also found at various Goodwill of Kansas locations. This boho style vintage piece retails for around $250 and completes my wicker and rattan themed sunroom!

No matter your style, you are sure to find pieces you love at Goodwill! Remember to follow the Thrifting 101 steps to maximize your time while out thrifting! Happy thrifting and value the hunt!


Daniele Phillips

Daniele is a small business owner and has been an avid thrifter for over ten years. Daniele spends most weekends treasure hunting with her husband! She runs a social media platform for a local animal rescue and in her spare time she loves to read, take road trips and watch bad reality television. You can follow her thrifting adventures on Instagram at @thrift_inspired!