A Curvy Girl’s Thrifted Style

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Hey, Goodwill friends! I hope you’re having a lovely spring! My sweet friend and fashion/beauty writer, Tamara Anderson, went shopping with me at Goodwill for some great spring looks!

I love shopping with a fellow fashionista because I really think fashion is such a personal statement. Getting to shop with friends always gives me fun things to try in my own wardrobe. I asked Tamara to tell me a little about each of the looks she chose (all of which I love) and a little bit about why she chose them. Maybe you’ll find some fun new tips too!


Our first look was a sage green and floral print halter, paired with a white shrug, a bronze and turquoise necklace, black flats and a black skirt.

“Finding a well-balanced floral in plus sizes can be somewhat difficult at times because they tend to be a little busy or have flowers that are too large. I like something that looks a little more delicate so I was pleased to find this halter worked for me. I’m particular about where tops land on me in terms of length, and since this one is a bit shorter than I like for jeans, I paired it with a skirt I already own and tucked it in. I really love layering, which is why I chose to add a white shrug and finish it off with a bronze and turquoise necklace.”


Tamara’s second look is a dark green tunic sweater and polka dot scarf with her own necklace and leggings.

“I really like to be cozy-cute when the weather is still chilled, especially on the weekends. I thought this outfit was perfect for Saturday brunch and shopping. The tunic has pockets, which I LOVE, and I lucked out in find a nice lightweight scarf that matched perfectly and added in some other hues.”


Her third outfit choice was a multi-color geometric print tunic/dress and a gold and black necklace with her own leggings.

“I’m 5’ 8”, so this wouldn’t quite work as a dress for me, but it makes a nice tunic! I grabbed it because I love bright colors and prints, but also because I really like the way it’s cut. I can’t speak for all plus sizes, but I know wearing loose clothing can seem like it would be more flattering, but sometimes I find that something a little more form fitting is actually better. I love the way the tunic/dress gathers in at my waist, and I really like the looseness of the sleeves; it makes it feel well balanced on my proportions.”

For more great looks like these, check out your local Goodwill this Spring!

Tamara writes her own blog with great beauty tips and more. Find it at tamarasbeautybook.com.

by Michelle Loss

Michelle is a Goodwill guest contributor, writing monthly fashion articles and modeling her thrifted finds. In addition, she is a local TV personality and former Miss Kansas. She also has her own YouTube channel, Chic on the Cheap. As a third generation thrifter, Michelle grew up shopping at Goodwill. She loves finding deals on clothes and accessories for her family of six or upcycling home decor items