Look-alike Luxury

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Spring is in the air and so are all the latest fashions! It doesn’t take much to get that urge to update your spring wardrobe – just walk into any department store, or spend some time browsing online and you can find hundreds of cute looks just begging to be yours! But unfortunately, you have to pay for all that stuff… 🙁 Don’t despair my fellow fashion lovers – there is a way out! GOODWILL!!

Have I told you lately that I love Goodwill? Not only do I save myself some coin, I get the challenge of blending in with all those lovely ladies who spent a little more on their sweet looks – all without anyone knowing. So this month, I stepped the challenge up a bit and took a look straight from the runway to try to recreate at my own Goodwill store. And it was so much fun!

So here’s the look that I took from Gucci’s Spring line. On the right is the suggestion from In Style Magazine on how to recreate this look “on a budget….” which tallies up to over $600 dollars. Not exactly the budget I work in…

Goodwill to the rescue!

So here’s what I put together instead:


The capri’s were a steal – they were part of the weekly 50% off sale, so I snagged them for just $2. I added the shoes for just $3, and the belt for $.99. I added the white blouse because I wanted to break up the denim a little (just per my own taste) and the jacket… oh the jacket was the best part! It’s from the GAP, and I found it in the kid’s department – which means it was only $2.99!!! Throw in the look-a-like purse for $1.99, and the whole outfit ran me about $15.00!!! Little better than $600.

And I have to brag about one pretty sweet find – my sunglasses. So here’s a pair that Dior is selling for a few hundred bucks this season:

And here’s the pair I found at Goodwill for $.99!! I think they might be my new favorite knock-offs!

So walk through those department stores, look online, but then go to Goodwill!! You just never know what you might find!

by Michelle Loss

Michelle is a Goodwill guest contributor, writing monthly fashion articles and modeling her thrifted finds. In addition, she is a local TV personality and former Miss Kansas. She also has her own YouTube channel, Chic on the Cheap. As a third generation thrifter, Michelle grew up shopping at Goodwill. She loves finding deals on clothes and accessories for her family of six or upcycling home decor items.