DIY Costume: Mavis from the hit movie Hotel Transylvania 2

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Well happy fall y’all! It’s time for cool air, crisp leaves, and lots of fun costumes for the whole family! But this year, don’t break the bank on expensive costumes – shop at Goodwill and find great looks for everyone for a fraction of the price.

The best piece of advice I can give you when you costume shopping at Goodwill is to think outside the box. Find a picture of the costume that you want to create, and look all over the store to put it together – not just the Halloween costume aisle.

This year I wanted to try to re-create a costume from the movie Hotel Transylvania 2 from the character Mavis.

For the main part of the outfit, it was pretty easy. I found a black dress and tights for the main part of the outfit, and the only thing I had left to find were the iconic red tennis shoes that Mavis wears. I didn’t find a good match on the rack, but I DID find some old tennis shoes that I was able to get creative with. I took the shoes home, and bought a can of bright red spray paint, and 10 minutes later – voila! Bright red shoes just like Mavis!

After a little work on my hair-do, my Mavis look-a-like costume was finished all for about $15.

So, before you spend $40 on an elaborate new costume – shop Goodwill first! It’s scary how good the prices are!

by Michelle Loss

Michelle is a Goodwill guest contributor, writing monthly fashion articles and modeling her thrifted finds. In addition, she is a local TV personality and former Miss Kansas. She also has her own YouTube channel, Chic on the Cheap. As a third generation thrifter, Michelle grew up shopping at Goodwill. She loves finding deals on clothes and accessories for her family of six or upcycling home decor items.