Goodwill Retains Quality Certification for Manufacturing

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More than 100 Goodwill employees with disabilities and other barriers to employment work in the organization’s manufacturing facility. Whether it be sewing safety vests, recycling donated items, fulfilling kit assembly orders or preparing insulation for local aviation manufacturers, Goodwill clients and employees have found success and become more independent through work in our contracts division. Every job is thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest level of quality. Examples of the work done at Goodwill includes:

  • Repackaging and labeling products for resale
  • Packaging microfiber for use in construction
  • Assembly of cable TV starter kits
  • Product testing
  • Stuffing goodie bags
  • Assembling insulation used in commercial aircraft

Goodwill Industries of Kansas, Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of production excellence, operating within the International Organization for Standards (ISO) 9001-2008 certification. To ensure we meet the strict standards for quality output, internal auditors monitor adherence to quality standards throughout the year. In addition, an auditor or audit team from an impartial external ISO Registrar is hired annually to review the implementation of our ISO standards and determine compliance.  This year’s external audit was conducted in September, and Goodwill retained its certification for another year!

ISO established processes and measurements to ensure companies (primarily manufacturing) maintain Quality Management to uniform standards. This standard promotes the adoption of a process approach primarily to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Utilizing tight process control and close monitoring of outcomes ensure that we meet your specifications each and every time. Your product is delivered on-time, defect free and to your satisfaction. Our goals:

  • on-time delivery
  • defect free
  • customer satisfaction

Maintaining ISO standards has the benefit of improving production efficiency, reducing waste, improving quality and providing a safe working environment. To ensure we meet the strict standards for Quality output, outside auditors are paid to annually review the implementation of our ISO standards, and determine compliance.

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