Goodwill for Guys

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I love shopping at Goodwill. If you gave me a choice, I would always start there to find what I need. My husband however, is not quite the avid fan that I am. Don’t get me wrong – he loves the price tag, and he’s a happy man when I can get all my clothes and the kids clothes there, but when it comes to shopping for himself, he gets a little lost in it all. All the different sizes and styles mixed together becomes a little overwhelming for him, and at the end of the day he would rather just go somewhere that he can find his size and style right away. So, although I am still working to encourage him to take the extra time to shop – while he’s coming around, I gladly do the shopping for him. So whether you’re a wife shopping for a husband, or a guy taking on the challenge yourself, here are a few rules I follow when I shop for my guy at Goodwill.

1. Know their style and stick to it: In general, you have a pretty good idea of what your man will and will not wear, so don’t waste time evaluating the salmon pink dress shirt if he’s strictly a blue and grey kind of guy. Usually, when I try to buy something out of the ordinary for him, I end up donating it right back. Now that said, still pay attention to rule 2.

2. Try a new style here and there: I know, I know, I just told you to stick to his style, but every once in a while, you’ll come across a piece that’s just borderline on what he likes to wear – like a shirt in his favorite colors with…pattern! The great thing about Goodwill is that the prices will let you buy more for your money, so every now and then, throw him a challenge.

3. Look for clothing in great to new condition: Let’s face it, most guys wear their clothes until they physically can’t be worn anymore. So when you shop for them, look for clothes that are still in great condition. Many times, I’ve even been able to find clothing that still has the tags on it – and that’s always a good day.

Generally, if I follow these rules (and shop the right sizes) I can usually get some great bargains for my husband! In fact, a good part of his wardrobe comes straight from Goodwill  – and at a fraction of the cost of department stores. So while I’m still trying to turn my husband into a fellow Goodwill guru, for now, he’s pretty content with the extra clothes in his closet now and then, and even more content with the extra cash in his wallet!

Goodwill Guest Blogger, Michelle Loss

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