Hello Yellow

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With Spring comes beautiful new fashion statements, bright colors and wonderful opportunities to freshen up your wardrobe at Goodwill! I came across an article all touting daffodil yellow as the pop of color to add to your wardrobe, so I set out to find my own unique “pop” at my local Goodwill store.

I have to admit, I was hesitant to shop for this color – because I usually avoid it. As much as I love its bright sunny-ness, it’s a tough color to pull off with pale skin. So, I found a middle ground. I decided to look for something that had yellow in it, but also mixed in some cooler complimentary colors – blues, greens or purples. Cooler colors tend to be a little easy for lighter color skin types to wear so this seemed like a safer search. It didn’t take too long to come across a perfect, airy, royal blue blouse printed with a daffodil yellow flower print!

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret. This shirt comes off as completely contemporary, and I guarantee I could find its equal sitting in the current spring collection on the shelves of your favorite pop fashion store. BUT – this shirt is real vintage! The tags place it probably late eighties, early nineties, but it was in such good condition, you would never be able to tell. This is just one of the reasons I love shopping at Goodwill! Eventually, most fashions repeat themselves, and by shopping Goodwill, I can re-invent older clothes into today’s fashions – and save a penny in the process!

The other part of my outfit that I was pretty excited about were my sunglasses. I always peruse the sunglasses display when I first walk into Goodwill because at .99 a pair, it’s a steal. And this week I scored! I found a pair that would retail for $60-$80 new, and they were in perfect condition! Not a scratch on them!

Finally I found a really great pair of maternity jeans for just $5. Bear with me – if you can’t tell by the pictures, I’m seven months pregnant right now, and I gotta tell you – Goodwill is my lifesaver when it comes to maternity clothes! I just can’t bring myself to pay top dollar for new maternity clothes that I know I will only use for a matter of months, so with all of my pregnancies, I have found most of my clothes at Goodwill. You will save A TON on maternity jeans and shorts especially! Just ask a sales associate where the maternity section is in your store. Sometimes it’s a little hard to find because it’s not very big, but it’s worth the extra look if you are expecting. Another maternity trick is to buy shirts and blouses a size or two larger than you normally would to round out (no pun intended) your maternity wardrobe. I usually look for tops that are a little longer in the torso and stretchy or loose, and again, I have saved myself quite a bit stocking my pregnancy closet from Goodwill.

So the fashion tip for this month is to add a fun pop of yellow to your spring wardrobe! Happy shopping!

– Guest Blogger Michelle Loss

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