Honey of a Houseware

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Hello fellow Goodwill shoppers! Hoping you’ve all had a wonderful start to 2015 and are ready to take on the New Year. This month, I wanted to give you a fresh perspective on the Housewares Department at your local Goodwill.

For a long time, I never shopped the housewares section, writing it off as glass trinkets and odds and ends that I couldn’t really use. Then, about five years into married life, the original set of glasses that my husband and I purchased for daily use had diminished down to about four unbroken glasses out of the eight we started with. I figured it was time to look for a new set, and at the time, I was decorating my kitchen in a vintage, 1950’s look. I thought it would be fun to try to put together a new set of glasses by shopping some local antique stores and compiling a mix-matched vintage set. However, before I had a chance to visit the antique stores, I happened to be browsing the housewares section in Goodwill and came across a set of 10 vintage-inspired, thick, glass Coca-Cola glasses! Score me!! I was able to purchase my whole new set of daily drinking glasses for less than $15! After that find, I started to always go and browse the housewares section when I shopped Goodwill. Plus, I recently discovered that they sweetened the deals with a 50% off housewares section in every store! Here’s a few useful things I can always count on:

1. Dishware – if you need a unique coffee mug for work, home, or even decoration, there is no shortage of mugs to sort through in Dishware! I’ve also found some beautiful vintage pieces in dishware that I’ve added to my regular dinnerware including cake stands, platters and serving dishes.

2. Glass vases – There will always be lots of glass vases on the shelves at most Goodwill stores! I like to find unique ones and use them for projects and decoration around the house. Just last month, I found a beautiful glass fishbowl-shaped vase that is a perfect mantle accent when filled with brightly colored fruit. I’ve also found some really great vintage vases at Goodwill that are great decorating accent pieces.

3. Glass storage containers – Recently, I’ve been trying to make and store more of our own food for better health, and I love when I can find glass storage containers on the housewares shelves! One of my best recent finds were two glass pitchers that are the perfect size for keeping fresh cut lemon-water on the fridge shelf.

4. Baskets and Tins – If you’re looking for some unique storage ideas, or maybe a budget-friendly way to pack a gift basket for a friend, browse the baskets at Goodwill. There’s also generally a large selection of tins and storage containers that I like to look through for decorating pieces.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but by all means – take a minute to swing by the housewares department the next time you stop at Goodwill! You never know when you’ll find your next inspiration piece!

– Guest Blogger Michelle Loss

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