Tips To Refresh Your Closet

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It’s officially 2015!  And there’s just something about flipping open that brand new calendar to January that makes me want a fresh start everywhere  – the basement, the kids’ room, the kitchen, and especially, my closet. Let’s face it, your closet is where every day begins, and if it’s a mess, it can leave you feeling rushed and stressed as you head out the door.

Now, I don’t claim to be an organizing expert, (I have three toddlers…so that’s kind of impossible, but I would love to share some ideas with you that have been beneficial to me to give your closet a fresh, clean start, and some easy ways to give your wardrobe a make-over for the new year right off the racks of your local Goodwill.

First things first – out with the old. Start by taking everything (and I mean every last shoe, blouse, scarf and earring) out of your closet and laying it out on the bed. Then, one by one, pick up each thing, and make a decision about it. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I wore this?” If it’s been more than a year, put it in the “donate” bag. If you have a piece of clothing or accessory that you just can’t decide on, physically put it on in front of a mirror. Does it fit you well? Is it comfortable? Do you really like the way it looks on you NOW, or are you keeping it for memories attached to it? Be brutally honest with yourself, then make the decision to keep the item or donate it away to a new and better life.

Next, go to your keep pile, and sort things by type of clothing- all dresses together, all pants together, all casual shirts together, all blouses together, etc. Once they are sorted together, hang them in your closet in the most logical way. What clothing do you need to access the most? The least? Hang them up in definite groups, then (and this one is optional, but it makes your closet look so neat) sort each group into similar colors (red blouses, orange blouses, blue, etc).

Now it’s time to reward yourself for all your hard work! Grab that big bag of clothes to donate, and head over to your local Goodwill. Before you park, drive by the donation door, and drop off your bag of items. Inside the store, spend some time looking for new clothing pieces that can complement and freshen your newly sorted wardrobe. Look for pieces that are new and completely different than anything you have, and spend some time in the dressing room finding the clothes that fit your body well.

Spend some time looking for interchangeable staples as well; a white blouse, a nice pair of dress pants in a neutral color, some new jeans, solid color blouses in jewel tones that can be worn with more formal attire, or to dress up a pair of jeans, a couple new dresses either for work attire, or casual evenings out.

The dressing room is your best friend here! Try new things and new looks. As I get older, I’m finding that not only do my tastes change, but the styles that complement my body do as well – so take the time to try on the clothes you’re interested in before you purchase.

Finally, with all the money you’ve just saved updating your wardrobe at Goodwill, reward yourself with a treat on your way home, and have fun trying out all your new looks!

Here’s to a happy, stylish New Year!!

– Guest Blogger Michelle Loss

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