Go Bold with Patterns

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This month, I’d like to give you my two cents about patterns – or maybe my $3.99 about patterns for all my avid Goodwill shoppers out there.

Patterns used to really scare me. I generally kept to pretty simple designs when I waded into the pattern world – faded stripes, tiny polka dots – nothing too crazy. I guess a part of me always felt like crazy patterns just overwhelmed an outfit, so I stayed in the safety of solid-land for most of my shopping.

But recently, I’ve been seeing so many new fun patterns emerging on store shelves (and on your local Goodwill racks) and even though some of them are a definite throwback to pop eighties style, I still kind of like them. So, I decided to be bold this month and shop FOR patterns instead of around them. It wasn’t hard to find some fun ones quickly when I visited the Andover, Kan., store!

I finally settled on a floral paisley blouse, with a pattern sporting fuchsia, orange, navy, blacks and neutrals. For me – it was bold! But I loved the fit, and the sweet flow-y feeling of the cotton and silk blend, so I had to give it a try. It’s also made by Anne Taylor and was in near perfect condition! For all you name-brand shoppers out there, here’s a little sticker shocker for you; after a little research, I found a near match to this blouse retailing online from Anne Taylor for $98.00. I paid $3.99. It’s SUPER worth the extra time to shop at Goodwill!!

Because the top wasn’t extremely fitted, I chose a pair of skinny jeans to complement the look. I like to pair loose clothing with something fitted, because it lends balance and shape to the overall look.

For the shoes, I chose a really unique pair of boots that I loved when I first saw them, and loved even more when I saw they were leather and made by BCBG Girls. Boots from BCBG retail ON SALE for about $175.00 – these were $25.99! Which, I’ll admit, is probably more than you would normally pay for the awesome shoes you can find at Goodwill, but considering the quality and brand, it was worth the extra splurge.

So when I put the look together, here’s what I decided about patterns: it’s ok to be bold and have a little fun! As long as the patterns are current and modern, they can lend a unique quality to your wardrobe. I will say that I really like pairing the pattern blouse with the solid of the jeans and toned-down boots. It made me feel like you still saw me in the outfit, and not the outfit on me. I also like the deeper, richer tones in the pattern colors. For me, it really spoke to the colors of autumn, and rich colors usually complement most skin types.

In conclusion, be bold my friends. Add a little pattern in your life, go crazy, pull something off the racks that you would never choose and try it on! You never know when you’ll find your new favorite shirt! And for $3.99, you just can’t go wrong!

– Michelle Loss, Guest Blogger

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