Valentine’s Day DIY Sharpie Teacup & Saucer

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but don’t panic! We have a great last minute DIY gift idea! This would be perfect for your sweetheart or even a special friend, co-worker or family member. The best part is, it only takes a few minutes and you don’t have to spend very much money!

What you’ll need:

Goodwill teacup & saucer
A teacup & saucer. This set came from one of our Goodwill stores. You can find cups and saucers starting at just 29 cents each!

A couple of sharpies. You can use any color o width that you like.

Start by finding a love quote, lyric, movie line or whatever you’d like to write on your saucer. We opted for a quote from Victor Hugo. It’s probably a good idea to practice how you are going to write it out and maybe even lightly write it out in pencil so you can space accordingly.

DIY Valentine's day saucer
We used a fine tip sharpie to write out the verse on the saucer.

heart design DIY cup
You can add whatever design you like to decorate the cup. We added half of a heart to complete the heart shape of the handle. Again you can get creative with different colors and designs!

DIY valentine's day cup
We added wording to mark the year…

DIY Valentine's Day Cup & Saucer
All you have to do is add your favorite Valentine candy any you are ready to go!