DIY Upcycled T-shirt Infinity Scarves for the BIG GAME!

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DIY T-shirt scarves
Are you ready for the BIG GAME on Sunday? If not, we’ve got you covered. You will be the hit of the party in your custom team T-shirt infinity scarf! The best part is, you can make this for less than $4 with help from Goodwill! The first question is, who are you rooting for???
DIY scarf supplies
What you will need:
1.  Two T-shirts in your favorite team’s colors. (For the non-sports fan, any color combination will do!)
2.  Scissors
(If you feel like you need the help, you can also add a ruler in there!)
Goodwill T-shirts are only $1.99!
Regular T-shirts are priced at just $1.99! If you’ve checked the prices in other retail stores, you know scarves are going for WAY more than that, so this is a bargain!
Lay out your shirt
Start by laying out your T-shirt and cutting off the hem. Then just eyeball it and cut one inch strips. The more strips you have, the longer your scarf will be.
Start cutting
Pile of cut strips for DIY T-shirt scarf
Now that you have all of your strips cut, it’s time to stretch them out! Just take an end of the loop in each had and pull until it stops stretching.
Stretch each loop
Your stretched loop witll look like this. They will curl inwards
Wind each loop around your hand
Now wind the loop around your hand until the finished circle is the size you want it! Do this with each of your stretched loops.
wind each loop for your scarf
All the looops for your scarf
Now that you have all of your loops cut, stretched and wound up, it’s time to assemble.(We went ahead and did both colors that we are using in the scarf.)
Strips to tie the scarf together
Just cut ½” x 3” strips from your T-shirt scraps. These strips are the ties to assemble the scarf. Since we used to different colors of T-shirts, we used scraps from both and just alternated colors.
Tie the loops together
keep assembling
Keep assembling, alternating your tie colors and loops. For these scarves we used 10 of each color. We also tied it together to make an infinity scarf!
Finished DIY infinity T-shirt scarf
Once you’ve tied it all together you are finished! You can always adjust the length by adding or taking away loops. These are great for the big game on Sunday, but you could customize to support any of your favorite teams! How about a WSU, K-State or KU scarf for March Madness?!
DIY T-shirt scarf denver
DIY T-shirt scarf Seattle
Special thanks to our model, Melissa!