Valentine’s Day Garland

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Looking for unique decorations for Valentine’s Day at a fraction of the cost of store bought items? We’ll show you how to make this adorable garland for around $5!

Supplies you’ll need: Deck of cards, red ribbon for stringing your garland, decorative accent ribbon, scissors, single hole punch and measuring tape.

Start by measuring the length of your red ribbon. This will be the base for the garland. We used 80 inches for this project.

Punch two holes in the top of each playing card (using only the suit of hearts). The holes are roughly ¾” from the top of the card and about ¾” apart.

String the cards along the red ribbon and space them as you like. We spaced them about an inch apart.

Cut strips of your decorative accent ribbon in about 5 inch sections.

We used a combination of ribbon we had in our stash, some pieces we found at Goodwill and a couple of special Valentine’s Day ribbons from the local craft store! (We couldn’t resist the tiny chevron print or the glittery hearts!) You could also repurpose fabric or clothing items that you already have or bought at Goodwill by cutting or tearing them into usable strips. Tulle or lace would also look great on here. Just let your creativity flow!

Then just start tying them on to the spaces between cards using three or four pieces between each card.

Once all of the ribbon strips are tied on, you’re garland is complete!

Decorating for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, especially if you can find some of your materials at Goodwill! Happy crafting!