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Top 3 Spring Fashion Trends to Try

Posted on: May 19th, 2015

As a Kansas girl, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with all the new fashion trends from the coasts. But, every now and then it's fun to do a little research and try out the new looks that haven’t quite made it to the Midwest. After a little digging, I found three spring trends that are wearable for anybody, and easily assembled from your local Goodwill store.

Blue and White, Black and White, Only White
This trend keeps it simple by pairing only blue and white together, black and white together, or simply wearing only white. The goal is to go with a bold patterned piece that simplifies the color palette and in turn, let’s “you” shine through! I found this great blue and white patterned dress at the Andover Goodwill that I love! (Especially since I’m eight months pregnant and it gives me a little extra room to breathe!) However, if you can’t find a patterned piece that incorporates both colors, you could always mix and match solid colors, or just go bright in white!

Off the Shoulder Cuts
Show off those beautiful shoulders and collar bones! This trend keeps it cool for spring with dresses and blouses that slide off one shoulder, or just boast one shoulder sleeve. For me, the trick to this one is finding a cut that compliments you the best. I found a blouse that can either be worn off the shoulder or as an asymmetrical neckline, and I have to say, I love having the choice! Sometimes I feel like just a one shoulder strap can be a little too dressy for day to day wear, so the off-set neckline with a sleeve worked well for me. I also found a great maxi dress for my sister with a one sleeve cut – perfect for a casual day out, and transitions into a cool spring evening really well!

Throwback to the 70’s
According to In Style Magazine, there was a definite homage to the 70’s in many of the spring fashion trends for this year! After looking through some of the pictures, I think my favorite throwback has to be the fun, “hippie-retro” patterns that are bright, bold and colorful. With the right jewelry and hair, you can have a lot of fun putting this look together! I found a great boho-chic tank top for my sister and paired it with some washed out skinny jeans. Throw in some oversized glasses for .99 cents and you’ve got a great Spring look for less than $15!

There are so many more fun trends to try this spring! And don’t just take my word for it! Jump online, check out what’s trending now, then make a run to your local Goodwill and see if you can re-create the look yourself! The best part is comparing the runway price to your price at the check-out! Happy Spring and happy shopping!!

- Guest Blogger Michelle Loss

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