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Jessica Farnsworth, 2016 Achiever of the Year

Posted on: October 13th, 2016


New mom changes life perspective

New When Jessica Farnsworth first came to Goodwill to work in the skills development program, she had very low self-esteem and issues with anger, behavior and trusting others. She had a hard time focusing on work and getting along with her peers and staff. 

Her attitude and work ethic soon began to improve. After giving birth to her daughter, Brianna, Jessica gained a whole new perspective on life and, with that, her priorities shifted. Not only has she learned the value of earning a paycheck, but she’s also become more responsible with her money in order to help care for her daughter. 

With a greater appreciation for her job, Jessica really focuses on her work and her improved work ethic hasn’t gone unnoticed. The change in attitude has helped her get off her behavioral support plan, and she’s opened up with her coworkers and the staff. 

“She has learned how to be vulnerable and trust the staff. She’s allowed them to assist her with things by actually telling them what she needs, asking advice for problems,” Program Manager Chadra Hill said.  

The staff’s dedication is something that Jessica appreciates, she says. 

“They worked and worked and worked with me and didn’t give up on me,” Jessica said. 

With this newfound perspective, Jessica has gained confidence and become more independent. Her goals are to be her own guardian, gain a driver’s license to improve her transportation situation, and eventually find a job in the community. 

Her main focus, she says, is to raise a happy and healthy girl.