Goodwill Industries of Kansas, Inc.


Dell Reconnect Partnership

The Dell Reconnect program is a win-win-win for all involved.

Dell Reconnect is a free drop-off program for consumers who want to responsibly recycle any brand of unwanted computers or other electronic equipment.  The Dell Reconnect partnership diverts used computers and electronic equipment from area landfills and provides consumer education on the importance of environmentally responsible computer disposal. 

Drop off your used computer equipment at any Goodwill..

The Dell Reconnect program has helped to create green jobs for people in need of work — from collecting and sorting jobs, to more skilled positions — and the revenue from the recycled computer equipment supports Goodwill’s job training and employment services programs. To date, the program has created more than 250 green jobs, with Goodwill program participants managing the collection and disassembly of equipment. 

It benefits the environment, the community and consumers.

More than 250 million pounds of electronic equipment have been responsibly recycled through Goodwill since the partnership with Dell started in Texas in 2004. 

Donors may request receipts at the time of their donation to receive tax deductions.

For more information, visit Dell Reconnect.